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                  Contact: 98155-22000, 98156-77877    Email: decoinn@decoinn.in



                  DECOINN deals in PVC sheets, wall and ceiling panels which are manufactured, imported and exported from and in India. PVC paneling is mainly done to decorate and enhance the look of the interior and exterior designing of homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. Decoinn India is the leading supplier of PVC wall panels in India, decorative wall panels, wooden flooring, PVC ceiling panels, PVC marble sheets, imported PVC wall panels, leather faux wall, PVC panels for exterior walls, 3D wall stickers, LED lights, PVC gypsum tiles, faux brick wall panels, removable PVC wall panels, waterproof pvc wall panels, pvc wall panels manufacturers, pvc wall panels importers, cladding PVC walls and many more.


                  • Water proof
                  • Heat proof
                  • Damp proof
                  • Rust proof
                  • Rot proof
                  • Fire retardant
                  • Easy to maintain
                  • Sound Resistant
                  • Impact Resistant
                  • Light in weight
                  • Saves a lot of time
                  • Very economical
                  • Easy to cut, drill, nail and saw

                  Why Decoinn PVC?

                  Features PVC Wall Papers Wood Work Paint
                  Cost Low High High High
                  Maintenance Low High High High
                  Termite Proof
                  Damp & Rot Proof
                  Water Resistant
                  Fire Proof & Heat Resistant
                  Reusable & Long Life


                  Easy and fast to install : PVC wall paneling is a very user-friendly product, to begin with. One can easily cut the panels to size and install them making it the ideal solution. It is fast and easy as compared to tiles and wood material as it takes about half the time to fit (NO GAP). Since it is easy to install, anyone can fit them, thereby saving money on fitting.

                  Water Resistant

                  PVC wall panels repel water and are mould resistant. Just because they are damp proof, rot proof and rust proof it is significantly used in kitchens and bathrooms. And the wide variety gives immense opportunities to use it through the living environments.


                  PVC wall panels and ceiling is cleaner and hygienic product. There is near to zero possibility for any kind of bacterial growth as it is mould repellent. Comparatively, there is no damp or rot bacterial growth in Decoinn PVC panels.


                  As compared to wallpapers, paints tiles and wood it is budget friendly and definitely suits anybodys pocket. You get a beautiful decorative look from the range of leather faux panels, 3D wall stickers, UV marble sheets and many more.

                  Low maintenance

                  Decoinn PVC wall panels are very easy to maintain as it has very smooth surface so the dirt doesnot fills the grooves. It just needs a cloth cleaning from time to time due to the dust around. There is no need to use even chlorinates or abrasive agents to clean it.

                  All-round and all-area product

                  PVC panels can enhance any surface/area that one can think of. Moreover, qualities like water resistant, long-lasting; fire-proof etc makes this a preferred material to make their homes/offices look more graceful.


                  Decoinn PVC wall and ceiling panels are 100% recyclable. And even PVC wall and ceiling panels can be used again by uninstalling them and reinstalling them at other place. It will not hamper the wall/ ceiling after the uninstallation so one doesnot have to worry about paint or varnish.

                  Easy to Transport

                  Since pvc comes in different sizes, therefore, there are different transportation vehicles to move them. Also, extra safety measures are considered while packaging to make sure there is minimal or no damage while shifting process. Decoinn India pvc also provides insurance while transportation to give quality service to dealers/clients.

                  Easy to Install

                  The installation process of pvc wall/ceiling panels does not require a professional training. The fitting procedure is comparatively less complex and time consuming.


                  PVC WALL PANELS comes with life time warranty with approximate 20+ years of life. Moreover, the wear and tear ratio is zero.


                  There is no wastage in or after the installation of PVC wall panels, as it comes in different sizes. Also, the appropriate amount of material is delivered and guided as well to be used for specific wall or roof. Hence, there is minimal wastage of material.

                  PVC Wall Panels In India

                  Poly Vinyl Chloride (commonly abbreviated as PVC) is a widely-used plastic. Globally, over 50% of all PVC manufactured is used in construction as a building material. PVC is budget-friendly and easy to assemble. In recent years, PVC has been replaced traditional building materials such as wood, concrete and clay in many areas. Among all DECOINN is leading & trusted supplier & manufacture of PVC wall panels in india.

                  Everything you need for all your needs
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